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Content Pillars

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Social media can be such an incredible asset for brands and small businesses. We value it for many reasons but this can be narrowed down when we look at different users. To simplify, we've created four main pillars:


1. Educational

Help your customers solve a problem by providing content that educates in some way.

How does your brand help others? 


2. Community Engagement

This is our favorite to focus on and often we recommend it to every client, because nowadays its not just about the storytelling or high-quality graphics but about how you can engage with the community you create around your brand.

3. Promotional

Showing your services and your products in a way that boosts sales more than anything. With each pillar, we of course do our research and market analysis but for this pillar it is the main focus through and through.


4. Entertainment 

Storytelling, keeping your users engaged with high-quality, trendy, content. Whether you decide that you want this with photography, videography, content creation, etc. 



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